[ANNOUNCEMENT] Please re-enroll one of 2 EMAE Basic Chinese Classes-EMA at Fudan
[ANNOUNCEMENT] Please re-enroll one of 2 EMAE Basic Chinese Classes

Dear students,

139彩票网We have become aware that there are too many students in the Basic Chinese course. To ensure a better learning environment and a better learning outcome, there are now two classes of EMAE Basic Chinese, which are EMAE620000.01 (40 quotas in the system) and EMAE620000.02 (30 quotas in the system), with the same teaching slot. The latter might be a little bit harder, with a different textbook from the former. The EMAE620000 is no longer available in the system. Master students who would like to learn the EMAE Basic Chinese should re-enroll either in EMAE620000.01 or EMAE620000.02 in the enrollment system.

The lecturer of EMAE620000.02 is also an experienced teacher. She is from International Cultural Exchange School (ICES), Fudan University. Both classes' enrollment will work on first come first serve basis.

139彩票网Master students should enroll or drop the course before 5 pm, Sat, Sept. 23, 2018 when the system will close. Please make sure that you are in the right class before the system is closed.

139彩票网Undergraduate exchange students are advised to choose one of the two, and sit for the final exam at the end of the semester. Students are not allowed to attend the .02 class, but sit for the .01 exams, vice versa.

Please make sure that you know the assessment requirements of the class you choose, and sit for the final exam.


139彩票网Sept. 19, 2018

EMA Office

School of Economics, Fudan University



Basic Chinese A-.01 coursebook:                                                   Basic Chinese B-.02 coursebook:

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Textbook and Workbook

2nd Edition, New Practical Chinese Reader 1                              3rd Edition, Hanyu Jiaocheng

Beijing Language and Culture University Press                                              Beijing Language and Culture University Press



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