Current Students-EMA at Fudan
Graduation Criteria

Graduation qualifications check-up

139彩票网- EMA students can get both their diploma and the degree certificate when they successfully pass the check-up.


To receive a diploma, students must

139彩票网- Pass the examinations for all compulsory and optional courses;

139彩票网- Pass the thesis defense;

To receive a degree certificate, students must

- Meet the requirements for receiving a diploma;

- Have a GPA of 2.0+ (must higher than 2.0)for degree courses

Thesis Requirements

- Can not be less than 15,000 words (around 50 pages).

139彩票网- Students should prepare and compose the thesis for more than one semester.

- Both the composition and defense should be in English.

- The thesis should be academically connected to the student's research direction.

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